Japanese actor Kunichi Nomura was partying with The Avalanches before Isle of Dogs Premiere at SXSW

While at SXSW, we met Japanese actor (and film co-writer) Kunichi Nomura, to chat about his new film Isle of Dogs – the anticipated stop motion film from acclaimed director Wes Anderson.

While on the red carpet, once he learnt we were Australian, he took the opportunity to let us in that he’d just flown in from Japan, and was a little bit dusty because he’d been partying with a couple of Aussies the night before: The Avalanches.

Nomura goes on to talk about the film, and fills us in on the fact that The Avalanches already have some new material ready for their next album – so they mightn’t take quite a long between albums this time as we’d be expecting.

Watch the full chat here:

Isle of Dogs premieres in Australia on 12th April 2018