Interview: Musician Ben Dickey talks playing songwriter Blaze Foley and working with Ethan Hawke

Arkansas musician Ben Dickey is no stranger to the stage; releasing a solo record, performing in bands like Amen Booze Rooster, Blood Feathers and featuring as the vocalist and guitarist in Post-Hardcore group Shake Ray Turbine. But now the accomplished, if widely unknown, artist is taking the stage in a new role: artfully portraying singer/songwriter Blaze Foley in Ethan Hawke’s new Film Blaze.

While I was at SXSW earlier this month I caught up with the artist to talk about what it meant to play the role of an artist who, like Dickey himself, is only known in certain circles. And by all accounts, for this very reason, Hawke never had anyone else in mind for the role than Dickey.

Watch our chat here:

Blaze screened at SXSW in Austin, Texas earlier this month.