Watch Bec Sandridge perform “High Tide” live at Young Henry’s!

Bec Sandridge is jumping from stage to stage this year and while we’re still coming down from her set at Fairgrounds, luckily, we won’t have time to wait – she’s gonna be out in Port Macquarie this weekend for Festival of the Sun!

With her In The Fog EP spawning some of our favourite songs of this year (“You’re a Fucking Joke” and “High Tide” in particular, hello), we’re excited to see where this lady goes in the New Year, guaranteed, In The Fog is only the beginning.

To get you hyped for Sandridge’s set at FOTSUN, check her out performing “High Tide” at Young Henry’s as part of the AU Sessions recently.

Bec Sandridge plays Festival of the Sun on Saturday, December 10th at 2:30pm.