Live Review: Hey Geronimo + Pop Cult + Alex L’Estrange (05.08.16)

It’s not the first or the last time Hey Geronimo‘s music will be synonymous with the Beach Boys. Catchy lyrics about guys, girls and fun times with a quirky vibe seem to be the signature of Hey Geronimo’s new album, Crashing Into The Sun. The feeling of nostalgia was even more present the final stopover of Hey Geronimo’s album tour. Returning to Brisbane for the final event at band venue favourite, the Black Bear Lodge, the room was a steamy affair of wild dancing and people yelling an awful lot about ‘pingaz’.

The evening was a winter warmer, but not in the mulled wine and toasty fire sense of the term. It was more like someone threw the mulled wine all over you and then you both screamed and ran into the cold night, strangely exhilarated by the thrill of danger and wild dreams. Music can do that, right?

To start the evening, Hey Geronimo had supporting acts Pop Cult and Alex L’Estrange. Alex L’Estrange is a one-man band with a knack for indie pop, while Pop Cult have harnessed the dreamy elements of the 90’s and shifted them forward to 2016. But as usual, the Black Bear Lodge filled up quickly as Hey Geronimo’s set loomed closer.

Like everything Hey Geronimo put their hands to the night was fun, sarcastic and quirky; like that girl who seems cool at a house party, but keeps walking into a different room when you’re just about to put your finger on what it is about her.

They played the hits from their EP such as “Why Don’t We Do Something?” and “Carbon Affair”, and of course dedicated a good amount of set time to promoting the new album, Crashing Into The Sun. It was a great way to end the tour on a high. It was a moment to cherish as well when lead singer Pete Kilroy officially introduced keyboardist Pluto Jonze. The dream team play off each other in the best way a front men duo can. With a name like Pluto Jonze, it more or less thrusts the responsibility upon you to be out there and confident, one must assume. With the HG fam safe and sound we can only hope for more great tunes and live events coming soon.