Album Review: Love Parade – Shake On The Mission (2015 LP)

Sydney-based former Novocastrians, Love Parade, released their second album, Shake On The Mission, earlier in 2015 and it’s one of the sneakiest albums I’ve heard in a while. I’ve found myself randomly humming or singing tunes from the album at the oddest of times, usually when I’m supposed to be deeply engrossed in something heinously corporate, which is a testament to the way the tracks have embedded themselves somewhat subliminally into my musical conscience.

There’s something acutely familiar in the stylings of Love Parade, but nothing that makes you feel like they’re derivative or unoriginal. I heard a smattering of The Cure, a hint of The Living End, a whiff of The Replacements, and – oddly – the tiniest shadow of Peter Garrett-esque vocals (sans flailing dance moves, and with significantly more hair). That said, all comparisons are fleeting. Their sound is definitely their own and it’s working a treat for them.

From the opening punch of “I’m Not Gonna Get It Now”, through the gloriously titled “Suspicious Delicious”, to “Moping Around In The Summertime”, it has grown on me more and more with every listen. There’s an easy transition between upbeat tracks such as “Pretend” and the super-catchy “Mission Mission” in and out of the more mellow tunes such as “Lake River Lake” and “413 Illawarra Rd.”

“Suspicious Delicious” is definitely a favourite – aside from the delight of the title itself, which just makes me smile each time I say it – with its feel-good tempo it’s hard not to indulge in some stealthy chair dancing when listening at one’s desk. “Mission Mission” is a cracker, too, and would be a worthy contender as the soundtrack for an Austin Powers dance sequence through the centre of London. Love it. The rhythmically named “Juliette//Cigarette” is another favourite, with a lovely bass line running through and snappy harmonies.

Engineered and produced by Jay Whalley of Frenzal Rhomb fame, it’s a collection of fabulously catchy and clever tunes, and well worth checking out. Shake On The Mission is one I’ll happily be adding to my collection.

Review Score: 8.4 out of 10.

You can check Love Parade out on their Facebook page here.