Photo Gallery: Tash Sultana + Reuben Shore – Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide (31.05.17)

The crowd of mostly young girls screamed as soon as Tash Sultana walked on stage. “But I haven’t even done anything yet,” she said cheekily. But this expectation was well met during the performance. The way she enchants for the whole show is something to behold. The whole range of emotions is there, from raw energy to soulful introspection, with an exuberant celebration of life; these all combine to carry the whole audience along in a range of emotions.

Naturally the biggest reaction was for “Jungle”, with an extended play and  sing-a-longs, but the crowd appreciated all of the songs. Thebarton Theatre has a particularly good vibe for shows like this and Tah commented on how good the audience were.

Australian musician, Rueben Stone was a perfect choice as a warm up act. His unique sense of comedy timing was a perfect foil to his abilities with the loop machine, guitar and trombone. He has spent time busking, which shows in the audience interaction. A highlight was an a capella version of “A Land Down Under” which morphed into flamenco.

Tash Sultana gave us a special night that will be remembered by all those fortunate enough to have experienced it.

Photos by John Goodridge.