Photo Gallery: Homesurgery Recordings Launch – Brunswick, Melbourne (01.02.18)

Since 2007, Melbourne’s The Studio’s In The City has been a home to many Australian artists looking to record and make some musical magic.

A sample of the albums recorded at the Brunswick studio includes those by High TensionNortheast Party HouseThe Getaway Plan and Calling All Cars, while at the helm of it all, Shihad‘s Tom Larkin has been guiding the direction of the studio and nurturing the productive and welcoming environment through its now 10+ year history.

As the studio enters 2018 though, it also enters a new chapter in embracing a new name – Homesurgery Recordings. Says Larkin of this change, “We have now arrived at a point where that manifesto now flows through the whole studio,  it made sense to refocus the team and the studio under the ‘Homesurgery’ banner. Its a name that speaks to both the our collective respect for craft and detail, through to the ethos of providing a comfortable. relaxed and creative environment around the artist.”


The launch of the studio kicked off overnight in Melbourne, check out Briana Davis’ photos from the event, below!

For more information about Homesurgery Recordings, visit their website here.