Spotify and Live Nation launch new video series, Music Happens Here

Spotify, in partnership with Live Nation have launched an exciting new initiative – Music Happens Here. Presented by Hilton Honors, Music Happens Here, is a combined music and travel video series which focuses specifically on celebrating the impact of the geographical muse across the globe.

Music Happens Here, presents as a chance for music lovers to delve deeper into the music they adore, the artists they are passionate about, but most importantly, discover the place where it all began.

The premiere episode focuses on the colourful and eclectic Los Angeles. From the Sunset Strip to coastal sunsets, the series presents an indepth approach to musical icons. From the sights and sounds that influenced Guns N’ Roses, to the reflections of Jim Morrison and The Doors, Music Happens Here pays homage to the creative space. Additional episodes are set to roll out sporadically throughout the year.

Additionally, the series is also in partnership with an overarching program of the same name, which provides Hilton Honours Members with access to private events including meet-and-greets, concerts and intimate performances at Hilton hotels/resorts across the globe.