Nominees for WAM Song Of The Year have been announced

The nominees for the Western Australian competition WAM Song Of The Year have been revealed, with 16 different categories covering a wide range of genres.

Featuring acts like Joni In The Moon (who are in the lead with 4 nominations in total), Pat Chow, The High Learys and Riley Pearce, just to name a few, all nominations are in with a chance of winning a share of the $40,000 prize pool. The overall winner, selected from the overall pool of category winners will take away $3,000 in cash, recording time at Albert Studios in Sydney and a whole lot more.

Each individual category winner will also walk away with $500 cash and a recording session at a WA studio. Entries have been judged by a wide selection of music professionals and experts from the likes of triple J, Inertia, Pilerats and Spinning Top Music as well as by artists from You Am I, Birds Of Tokyo, Eskimo Joe and more.

The winners will be announced at the WAM Song Of The Year Awards Party on Saturday April 9, which you can purchase tickets for here.

Check out all the nominees below, and for more information on the event, head here.

Jordan McRobbie, The Ascension
Karin Page, Lonely Night
Katie J White, River
Katie J White, Warrior
Tracey Barnett, Listen To The Earth

David Mercy, Wonders Never Cease
Fred Ryan, It Must Have Been Good
Helen Townsend, Streets Of Glory
Lynn Hazelton, Melita Station
Pete Byfield, Ashes

Joni In The Moon, Tarantella
Joni In The Moon, War and Porn
Lilt, Don’t Tell Me
Mining Tax, Footy
Tobacco Rat, Trenchtown 2020

Intenso, China
Intenso, 5 Days, 11 Hours, 7 Mins
Safe Sex, Cut You
Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, Shaking Off Futility
Usurper of Modern Medicine, Be Ready

Chad Blondel, Homme
Galloping Foxleys, My Love Affair With Archer
Lucy Peach, Be So Good
Mitchell Martin, Hold On
Riley Pearce, Brave

Chaos Divine, Badge Of Honour
Chaos Divine, Landmines
Förstöra, One Last Stand
Scalphunter, Bleeding Out
Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, The Albanian Sleepover – Part One

Abbey | Foster | Falle, At Long Last
Ben Matthews ,The Process
Daniel Susnjar Afro-Peruvian Jazz Group, Pius Bartosik
Daniel Susnjar Afro-Peruvian Jazz Group, Guapeo
MFG, Requiem

Outstanding Indigenous
Beni Bjah, Survivors
Doreen Pensio and Band, Changes
Jake & The Cowboys, She Said
Selekt Few, On Country
TERA, Belly Of The Beast

Outstanding Regional
Brayden Sibbald, Restless
Brayden Sibbald, Maybe I Was Small
FINGERS Mitchell Cullen, Didge It
Kris Nelson, Favourite Regret
Valentine, Vampire

Bri Clark, Shiver
Joni In The Moon, Tarantella
Joni In The Moon, War And Porn
The Tommyhawks, Hollow
Valentine, Vampire

Blindspot, You’re So Phoney
Four Men Enter A Room
Nerve Quakes,
Nerve Quakes,
Best Of Me

Pat Chow, Bad Thoughts
Ragdoll, Rewind Your Mind
Rag n’ Bone, Death Rattle Waltz
The Methamphetaqueens, Girl That I’m Into
The High Learys Letters, To Alice

Schools 14 & Under
Karanina, Make A Wish
Karanina, New Summer
Madi Henry, Stronger
Madi Henry, Monster
tRuth, Doubt

Schools 15-17
Charlotte Viney, With You
Figurehead, Blind
Figurehead, No Sleep
Michael Waller, As Time Goes By
Puzzle, Winter

Urban/Hip Hop
Bluntfield and Billy Harris, The Dark Crystal
Marksman Lloyd, Pause (Feat. Coin Banks & Nic Di Lena) (Prod. Sable)
Safe Sex, Soup
TERA, Belly Of The Beast
The Brow, The Mantra

Alon Shimon Shai-Kaspi, Roni Levi
Eastwinds, Blame Lulu Peanuts – Metsahällilaul
Eastwinds, Chakwe
Juliana Areias, Mare Cheia (Full Tide)
Juliana Areias, Flecha (Arrow)

Headline image: Katie J White.