Melbourne duo Kings Of Cough Syrup announce self-titled debut album to be released April 21st

Coming together for Kings Of Cough Syrup came easy for old friends Hamish and Nick. Since their early teens in suburban Melbourne, the duo had been fumbling with chords and experimenting with each of their own musical strengths. That being, Nick’s ear for arrangement and song writing, and Hamish’s unmistakably dulcet vocals (which you might recognise from 90’s rock band Cordrazine).

The first taste of their self-titled debut EP, which is dropping April 21st on Rubber Records, is the debut single “Take Me Out”. Hamish’s dreamy tenor shines throughout, complemented with a minimalist instrumental arrangement. It’s clean and effortless, channeling a collaboration between the pair that never went away. Check out the debut single below and pre-order Kings Of Cough Syrup’s debut EP HERE.