Listen to the album opener for Benjamin Booker’s next LP released June 2nd

New Orleans-based muso Benjamin Booker is set to release his upcoming LP Witness on June 2nd via Rough Trade Records/Remote Control Records. Following up his self-titled 2014 debut, the new album fleshes out Booker’s passion for raucous, soul-infused rock’n’roll.

“Right On You” is the energetic album opener, described by Booker as a song being “about the selfish, lonely and hedonistic nature of modern life, where death is ‘right on you’ but seems ‘hard to imagine’.”

Pre-order Witness HERE and check out the track-listing below!


1. Right On You
2. Motivation
3. Witness (feat. Mavis Staples)
4. The Slow Drag Under
5. Truth Is Heavy
6. Believe
7. Overtime
8. Off The Ground
9. Carry
10. All Was Well