James Power and Jesse Barbera launch new full service booking agency, Social State Entertainment

Australian music industry veterans James Power and Jesse Barbera, have announced the launch of Social State Entertainment, a new full service national venue booking agency that will provide a time efficient and high quality booking service, tailored to each individual performance venue’s unique identity and brand.

According to James Power, whose music industry experience includes everything from being a performer to managing artists, when it comes to the organisation of live entertainment,  “it’s clear there is a gap to fill for strategic marketing support and a need for cleaner, more streamlined administration process for all sizes of shows and venues.”

In addition to streamlining the business side of live entertainment, Social State Entertainment will also offer the service of venue content creation including; themed nights, festivals, private events and functions, as well as the booking of both local and international artists.

More information on Social State Entertainment services can be found here.