Ásgeir shares new single and announces second album, Afterglow

Icelandic singer/songwriter Ásgeir returns after three years refining his highly-anticipated second full length, Afterglow. Following up his stunning breakout 2014 release In The Silence, Afterglow will reflect the muso’s time spent travelling and developing into one of the most distinctly delicate voices out there. In what has been an explosive 5 past years, the new album is sure to be a point of reflection and clarity for the now 24 year-old.

“Unbound” is the first taste from the new album, capturing Ásgeir’s development in style and instrumentation from start to finish. Accompanying familiar, echoing vocals are the stop-starts of minimalist electronic beats, not dissimilar to the R&B/electronic vibe from James Blake‘s latest.

Shifting (yet not completely abandoning) acoustic instruments has allowed Ásgeir free rein to a whole new world of sounds and textures that promise a very exciting new direction for the Icelandic.

Check out the new single below and pre-order Afterglow HERE!