Apes hitting the road to preview debut album Stranger Than Strangers in March & April

Apes are going to be back on the road soon, but this time, they’re bringing me tasty snippets of their highly anticipated debut record, Stranger Than Strangers. The album, coming out this May, has a been a while in the coming for the Melbourne based band and it’s been one we’ve been so excited to get our hands on since first switching onto Apes a few years back.

The tour will see Apes on the road across five dates, starting in Adelaide and wrapping up in Brisbane. The band will preview the record and show off their brand new live show that’ll no doubt bring the newcomer fans in droves.

Tickets on sale now< March 17th | The Ed Castle, ADELAIDE
March 18th | The Toff in Town, MELBOURNE
April 6th | The Chippo, SYDNEY
April 7th | Rattlesnake Bar, GOLD COAST
April 8th | Bloodhound, BRISBANE*

*shared EP launch with Jouk Mistrow; APES headlining.