Single of the Day: STEVIE “Toughen Your Skin” (2017)

Brisbane based electronic three piece STEVIE are back with another 80’s inspired synth-pop track in “Toughen Your Skin”. STEVIE is made up of former Go Violets guitarist and vocalist Phoebe Imhoff, producer Miro Mackie and electronic wizard Jordan de Pasquale. Since Miro Mackie’s relocation to Los Angeles to hone his craft, STEVIE has become an international collaboration, allowing their sound to mature through new influences.

New single “Toughen Your Skin” is the perfect soundtrack to an 80’s teen romance. Lyrics tell a tale of friendship and bad decisions, of choices and consequences. The sound itself is ridiculously catchy, the uplifting pop that STEVIE is known for really shines here.

Listen to “Toughen Your Skin” below.

For more details on the band, head to their Facebook Page.