Single of the Day: Dro Carey ft. Kwame, Renz, Raj Mahal “Atmosphere” (2018)

Talk about a fiery collaboration. Dro Carey has linked up with one of the country’s hottest new talents in hip hop (Kwame), as well as Sydney’s Raj Mahal and London MC Renz for this new one “Atmosphere” – turn it up loud.

Jumping enthusiastically into grime territory with “Atmosphere”, Carey switches gears in swapping the cleaner edges of dance pop for this darker, grittier soundscape. The pay off is successful too, with the flow of each MC marking their own individual spot out on the track; no one artist drowns the other out here, a line often dangerously toed with these type of collabs.

Check it out below and use it to herald your weekend – turn up.