Single of the Day: Aurelia “America” (2018)

Aurelia engages with the dreamiest of sounds on her new single “America” and proves her worth as a rightfully in-demand songwriter and musician. The Grammy nominated artist established a gorgeous and celestial soundscape with this one, the ideas coming together when Aurelia was in LA.

“I was staying in a friends arts studio in L.A. at the time, and was mostly just trying not to join the 27 Club,” she remembers. “I remember waking up one morning surrounded by all the 1920’s Hollywood golden era charm in Koreatown, and I felt this strange sense of hope. I literally woke up, as the song says, on a bed with no sheets and watched it rain. This is the moment ‘America’ was born, and following that, the recording process of ‘America’ is what gave birth to the sound that I hear for my music, turns out that feeling I had was destiny.”

Check it out below!