Rick Ross adds a verse to Adele’s “Hello” for some reason

There is no denying that Adele’s “Hello” has been worth the wait. The ultra emotional ballad about forgiveness and forgotten-ness has rightfully placed her back into the very heart of the music industry, and reminded us that she is one of the most powerful voices living today. The last thing we’d expect is a remix from Rick Ross.

Ricky Rozay has taken the song, as part of his latest remix series, and added his own personal touch, attempting to match the emotional tone by listing a few of his own predicaments, like being invited to the Grammys but feeling “out of place”. Is his performance necessary, or at least any good? We feel his verse is unsurprisingly out of place and doesn’t quite capture or even mirror the depth of Adele’s songwriting. The flow is steady and appropriately slowed down to fit into the drum-less production, but the bars are completely out of sync with the song. We’ll let you decide for yourself: