Music Video of the Day: The Terrifying Lows “Cool With It” (2018)

Tyler Millott has been a fixture on Melbourne’s music scene for a solid amount of years now, most notably being seen on stage with Ali Barter‘s band; now, though, Millott has struck out on his own in debuting his much awaited solo material under his new project, The Terrifying Lows.

The first single from his forthcoming EP is “Cool With It”, a grungy and melodic song that has been quick to land itself on playlists and certainly, in our heads. Though it follows familiar relationship territory often traipsed by songwriters, The Terrifying Lows has ~some~ fun with it, with the official music video for the single taking Millott to St. Kilda’s Luna Park.

Melancholic – but still exposing the unique charm of the Melbourne landmark – the “Cool With It” music video may be dark in some elements, but also shows The Terrifying Lows delving into a more nostalgic rhythm.

Check it out below!