Music Video of the Day: The Jezabels “The Others” (2017)

The Jezabels have been well and truly Sydney based lately; putting up at The Lansdowne hotel for a residency that has seen them play seven gigs back to back for eager local crowds. In amongst all the hype, the band has released a brand new music video for their tune “The Others”, the first release from The Jezabels since coming through with SYNTHIA last year.

As Hayley Mary has said of “The Others”, the song is revisiting some older themes and romantic roots; not released in connection with any other record, “The Others” falls into line with The Jezabels’ recent decision to do things just a bit differently (eg. their Lansdowne run).  

“Lyrically it’s a reflection of the kind of intense loneliness that makes simply being in ones own body feel painful. The unsolvable predicament of ones desire for another crossing over into a desire to lose yourself, where the body is both the blissful point of contact, but also, the thing which keeps you constantly separate. Musically we have tried to sit that on a soundscape that is both euphoric and melancholy, driving but pensive.”

Check it out below!