Music Video of the Day: Tempesst “Broke Down Blues” (2016)

Tempesst return with a new music video, this time for their single “Broke Down Blues”! With Andy Benjanin back at the helm directing, the drummer brings to life the  story of the song’s ‘Wild Man’. We brought you a live take of the video recently, but this official cut sees the band take things up another level in fleshing out the narrative on screen.

“We had the police called on us three times,” Andy explains. “Turns out our fake gun looked quite real. I guess someone saw Sam with a balaclava pacing into the petrol station, but somehow didn’t see me with a massive camera on my shoulder, and reported it. Next thing we had three police cars fly in and surround us, it was insane but they saw pretty quickly that we were filming and they were super chill after that.”

Check it out below!