Music Video of the Day: Sleep Party People “Fainting Spell” (2017)

Heard of Sleep Party People? You’re about to. The group, led by talented multi-instrumentalist Brian Batz are based out of Copenhagen and have been making some great art for a little while now, though for the music video for latest single “Fainting Spell”, the effort was truly massive.

Calling on fans around the world to get involved by submitting their own photo and video creations where they’d be wearing handmade bunny rabbits (the symbol/mascot of the band), Sleep Party People had a wealth of material to work with. The end result, directed by Ryan Valdez, is pretty eye catching.

Taken from Sleep Party People’s new record Lingering, “Fainting Spell” is a remarkable tune; stark in its arrangement and evocative in its delivery. Check it out below!

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