Music Video of the Day: SHOUSE “Love Tonight” (2017)

SHOUSE is Melbourne dance duo Ed Service and Jack Madin. They’ve been serving dance worthy club tracks for a while now, collaborating twice with fellow Melbourne duo Habits. The new single again features Habits, as well as Monte Morgan (Client Liaison) and a slew of Melbourne artists.

“Love Tonight” brings together the best elements of the past few decades of dance music, featuring an 80s saxophone solo, a 90s dance beat and a choir reminiscent of late 2000s gospel dance. The music video is half parody half homage to the “Bandaid” and “We Are the World” charity collaboration tracks of the 80s. In fact, SHOUSE donated a percentage of the proceeds to the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria.

Don’t just take my word for it, listen to the crazy catchy tune below!