Music Video of the Day: Polish Club “Beat Up”

Yes, hello Polish Club? The 90’s called and want their datamosh effect back.

This absolute blazing three minutes of Aussie rock’n’roll that is “Beat Up” couldn’t be paired with a better mess of a video clip. Members Novak and John-Henry cunningly duplicate themselves to give the illusion that all this glorious racket is coming from more than just two dudes. But it’s not – the gritty, fast-paced rock plays as the perfect soundtrack to the duo wrestling, rolling, kicking, playing, dancing, screaming, whisking on loop for the entirety of the black and white clip. Essentially, getting beat up. And don’t forget the headache-inducing datamosh effects over the top.

It’s not pretty but hey, neither is the track.

“Beat Up” follows on from Polish Club’s 2016 double A-side 7” My House/Blood & Bone and their 2015 self-titled EP featuring hit singles “Able”, “Did Somebody Tell Me” and “Beeping”.