Music Video of the Day: Patrick Wilson “Nobody” (2017)

Melbourne’s Patrick Wilson is fast forming for himself a well-deserved reputation for being a wonderful storyteller through his music. He weaves Americana in with indie, applies lashings of groove and steeps it all in undeniable soul. With a new EP in Anywhere With a Rooftop due out on September 22nd, more people are set to hear what Melbourne locals have known for some time now – Wilson is one to watch.

Today, we share the music video for his single “Nobody” – a classic love song that is rich in melodic and harmonic goodness, with a chorus that remains in your head.

Patrick Wilson is launching Anywhere With a Rooftop with a free show at The Union Hotel on October 7th with The Bare River Queens.

In the meantime, catch him performing at the Post Office Hotel for a free show on August 27th from 4pm!