Music Video of the Day: Nocturnal Tapes “Wake Up” (2017)

Heading to their hometown of Yamba in NSW, indie electronic twosome Nocturnal Tapes laid down the foundations for their new music video for the catchy “Wake Up”. Directed by James Buckingham, the clip leans into the 90’s vibe of the music’s production; as Buckingham describes, the nostalgic element was definitely intentional.

“Nocturnal Tapes have a lot of nostalgia and love for their home town, Yamba, I wanted to capture some of that with a 90s-style B-grade vibe. Growing up in a small town you can sometimes feel trapped or not much happens, however if you dig deep, you’ll always find something special.”

Get swept away with it – we’re now waiting patiently for more from the Nocturnal Tapes camp…