Music Video of the Day: Nahko “Dragonfly” (2017)

We obviously know his work with Medicine for the People, but the group’s frontman Nahko is striding out solo with his debut album, My Name is Bear, this month. The first single from the record has been released in the form of “Dragonfly” and with the official music video, Nahko linked up with close friend, Paris Jackson.

“I specifically wanted to capture this young woman’s natural beauty and focus on what I thought would be a perfect song to explain a transformational time that fit both her and I,” Nahko has explained.

“We’re going through very similar things right now,” Jackson has agreed. “Each in our own way, but they both kind of fit the same template and there’s just a flow.”

An authentic and honest composition, Nahko’s “Dragonfly” is a great presentation of the songwriter’s talent, expanding more on the musicality that has endeared him to many around the world. A new chapter, check it out below.

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Photo by Josue Rivas.