Music Video of the Day: MGMT “When You Die” (2017)

When MGMT released their hit debut Oracular Spectacular  in 2007, massive pop hits “Electric Feel” and “Kids” showed a little of the duo’s dark side, but remained largely upbeat dance tracks. As the years have worn on, the bands’ obsession with death has become obvious, with each release venturing into darker and darker territory. With new single “When You Die” MGMT pulls no punches, delivering a hypnotically melancholic video.

“I won’t feel anything, we’ll all be laughing with you when you die” sings frontman Andrew VanWyngarden over terrifying visuals. The video is at times beautiful and at other times horrifying. It follows a down trodden magician and his subsequent death and resurrection, and despite the dark subject, the single is compulsively replay-able.

Watch the video below: