Music Video of the Day: L-FRESH the LION “1 in 100,000” (2016)

L-FRESH the LION is a hip hop artist Australia should be fiercely proud of. His music is hard hitting, weaving some powerful and heartfelt lyricism with equally as impressive production and with his sophomore album Become, he’s set to reach more people, no doubt about it.

In his latest single, “1 in 100,000”, L-FRESH the LION goes in on the challenges of battling depression and general dark times – a theme Become deals with overall. The music video details the story of a young Sikh warrior battling the above, ultimately rising up and being best she can be.

The music video is stunning, directed by Alex Weltlinger and putting some of Sydney and Coastal NSW’s gorgeous landscape on display in vibrant and sharp colour.

Check it out below and keep an eye out for Become, dropping on May 13th through Elefant Traks/Inertia.