Music Video of the Day: Jen Cloher “Strong Woman” (2017)

Jen Cloher‘s self-titled album has been enjoyed highly deserved acclaim – a record full of strength, expertly delivered songwriting talent and an ‘instant classic’ vibe written all over, Jen Cloher is bound to make it to many a Best Of list at the end of the year. One of the best cuts from the album comes in the form of “Strong Woman”; a song that takes the listener through Cloher’s childhood in the 1980’s, gendered identity and her own heritage.

The music video for “Strong Woman” has seen recent release, filmed in London a few weeks back as Cloher continues her sold out tour through Europe and the UK. A simple approach, sure, but the clip shows off the dynamic between Cloher and her band as performers – a must watch below.

“It recently occurred to me that I have always been a leader, a strong woman.” she has said. “It’s not a quality that was cultivated but something I inherited. My matriarchal line is Ngapuhi, a Maori tribe from the far north of New Zealand. There’s a famous Maori saying – ‘Kia kaha’ – which means ‘Stay Strong’; my mother Dorothy modelled that quality to me growing up and I’m forever grateful that she did.”


Check it out below!

 Photo Credit: Tajette O’Hallaran.