Music Video of the Day: Fait “Chasing Youth” (2016)

Perth artist Fait has gone and upped her game with the release of “Chasing Youth” and now, we have a film clip to continue to gawk over while the artist continues to work on her next release. As a stand alone single, “Chasing Youth” is great piece of instrumental music that lends itself to some gorgeous nostalgic vibes and with the film clip, these hazy, fuzzy feels are only bolstered.

A definite cinematic vibe to it, the music video for “Chasing Youth” has the clip’s protagonist taking on his own childhood and past in a beautifully shot piece of film. Fait has done well and has shown a lot of promise once more with this track and it definitely points to a great year of new music from this talented musician.

In the meantime, watch the stunning visuals for “Chasing Youth” below!