Music Video of the Day: Elliot Moss “Closedloop” (2017)

With his new EP Boomerang set for release this April 28th, Elliot Moss has released a beautiful film clip for his single “Closedloop”. Utilising drone technology, Moss and his team linked up with RC Test Flight, leaders in the field, to take in the landscape of Goblin Valley, Utah.

A moving set of visuals, the “Closedloop” clip lines up with the aesthetic of the song brilliantly. As Moss explains, getting involved with RC Test Flight was a no brainer.

“The tune always felt black and white to me, so for the video, I wanted to incorporate these long, distorted shadows. And while researching different methods of creating them, I encountered Daniel and Calen‘s work (with RC Test Flight). What they are doing is beautiful. If anyone could bring this vision to life, it was them.”

Check it out below!

Photo Credit: Drew Reynolds.