Music Video of the Day: Elli Schoen “Hard Heart” (2016)

Perth artist Elli Schoen has released a gorgeous video for her single “Hard Heart” reflective of the talent the young artist has shown through the music itself. Tender and fragile in delivery, Schoen has a vocal range and songwriting knack that evokes emotion that threatens to overflow completely before reining back in.

The honesty threaded through the song’s lyricism is equal parts beautiful and sorrowful, while the harmonies and melodic nature of the music itself makes “Hard Heart” a great listen.

“Hard Heart is about when someone hurts you and you never truly regain that vulnerability,” says Schoen of the song. “It has an uplifting feel and energy towards it, it’s a break-up song that isn’t depressing.”

Check it out below and fall in love with this lady, we have. Expect to see more of her through this year!