Music Video of the Day: Dean Lewis “Need You Now” (2017)

The guy breaking all the hearts is back with yet another single set to reignite every single hopeless romantic bone in your body. Dean Lewis has just dropped his latest single, “Need You Now,”  and now we have an incredible video to feast out eyes on too. But unlike his debut single “Waves”, it’s a different take on romance, it’s not the cookie cutter version of intimate bliss we’re used to seeing. This is something different entirely.

Directed by Mick Jones, the video focuses on the darker side of romance, about a need for someone, or a want for affection. At the crux, it’s about crossing boundaries and really shining an unconventional light on the intricacies of infidelity, “I don’t need your love, I just need you now”. It’s dark, mysterious, and it’s a must watch.