Music Video of the Day: Cameron Avery “Dance With Me” (2017)

Taken from his debut solo album Ripe Dreams, Pipe DreamsCameron Avery doles out some soulful gold with the single “Dance With Me”. The accompanying music video, featuring Alexa Chung, is a dive into a dreamscape where feelings of love and loss are navigated with beauty and poignancy.

Directed by Nicole McDonald, the song itself is represented beautifully onscreen. As Avery has described, “Dance With Me” is a song is more about wanting someone to enter your life – ‘Gimme a chance, maybe I can make it better’.

With a run of SXSW appearances on the table, we expect Avery to have a very fruitful week ahead – in the meantime, check out his new music video below.

Photo: Zackery Michael.