Music Video of the Day: Berhana “Grey Luh” (2018)

Atlanta has long been associated with producing some of R&B and hip hop’s finest and when it comes to emerging artists in both genres? The A has got their finger on the pulse. So today, meet Berhana.

Since 2016, the songwriter has been garnering support from tastemakers through to the R&B and hip hop heads who have been supporting in droves. In the same league as Aminé and JMSN, Berhana’s downtempo hip hop and soulful music is music delivered with richness and a deep quality that we’ve been loving.

His latest single in “Grey Luh” now has a music video, directed by Sam Guest. Putting Berhana in a smoky NYC lounge, Julia Baylis put her creative direction prowess to tape with her work with Guest on this one.

“Loneliness is something I’ve gravitated towards over the years,” Berhana has explained. “…and something we wanted to expand on within the characters.”

Check it out below!