Music Video of the Day: Bec Sandridge “I’ll Never Want a BF” (2017)

Bec Sandridge has existed as one of Australia’s most intriguing emerging artists. Refining her music over the past year has seen Sandridge flourish into a pop maverick; her lyricism sharpened, her musicality encompassing a vibrant spectrum of sound and colour.

Her latest single, “I’ll Never Want a BF”, is another example of the above. The 80’s influences are definitely present, however the theatrics that drive Sandridge’s vocals are very much now. The marriage of disco beats and crashing gritty synth beats make this tune perfect fodder for the upcoming festival season, however the song’s content is possibly some of Sandridge’s most openly personal yet.

“My Mum gave my number to a customer (a grandfather) to give to his grandson, when I had a girlfriend.” she explained. “It was pretty delegitimising. …Sorry Mum (I love you).”

Check out the music video below – an instant attention grabber.


November 17th | Howler, MELBOURNE
November 24th | Oxford Arts Factory
November 25th | Black Bear Lodge, BRISBANE

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Photo by Giulia Giannini McGauran.