Music Video of the Day: Astrid S “Breathe” (2017)

Norway’s Astrid S brings her latest single, “Breathe”, to life with an entertaining and definitely Tarantino-esque flair with this new video that has just been dropped on to the public. The single itself is the first piece of new music from the pop star this year and already, it’s a striking move from the award-winning artist, continuing to claim her territory.

Of the music video, Astrid has described the sheer amount of effort and ambition that went into its making.

“There was a big crew, a lot of equipment and effects, not to mention all the costumes and clothes! I think the video manages to capture the edge and sassiness of the song, with a good mix of serious and funny. I’m so excited to share it!”

Inspired by James Bond films and that classic style, the clip has already started generating serious heat. Check it out below!