Music Video of the Day: Antonia and the Lazy Susans “Home Here With Your Friends” (2017)

Have you ever wondered why the punk kids seem to be able to band together whenever, and wherever they are needed most? It’s because the backbone of punk, and every other subset of the genre, is community.  Blue Mountains folk-punk outfit Antonia and the Lazy Susans have just premiered “Home Here With Your Friends,” a heart on single single paying homage to the beauty of community, friendship, and everything in between.

As much as we live in a Kanye #realfriends world in 2017, it’s actually nice to be reminded of the place you belong the most. The outfit have come a long way and are definitely no strangers to the touring circuit calling many a place up and down the east coast – home.

Andy hey, who doesn’t love a little nostalgic DIY to warmth the depths of your heart on a chilly (Blue Mountains) winter morning?

Image by Cath Connell.