Meet Walker/Talker, the new band from Sans Parents’ Kane Mazlin and Alex Bennison

“I’m trying to find you, but there’s nothing left…” rings out the chorus of Melbourne/Sydney duo Walker/Talker‘s debut single, “Nothing Left”. It’s part of a larger pop effort and as a whole, this new sound is a natural progression for those who have been following the careers of both Kane Mazlin and Alex Bennison.

Their band Sans Parents have enjoyed success on the road and on record too, with their debut EP – The Dead End – landing to a positive response last year. With a history of playing as part of Hungry Kids of Hungary and alongside the likes of Lisa Mitchell and Andy Bull in their back pockets, the partnership of Mazlin and Bennison is one that delivers melodic, catchy and vibrant music that continues to show different shades of musical texture.

“Walker/Talker kind’ve started out of necessity,” Bennison explains. “We’d been doing the Indie/Power-pop thing under the Sans Parents name for a few years – but started finding the M.O for that band was a little too specific and limiting our songwriting quite a bit. We write a lot of songs in a bunch of different styles and needed a new umbrella under which we could make that work.”

“Walker/Talker is our new thing we’re devoting all our attention to. It’s just the two of us – so it’s great to be able to have different friends come in and collaborate with us in the studio. “Nothing Left” has our best mate Ryan Strathie (Holy Holy) on drums and was recorded by Simon Berckelman (Philadelphia Grand Jury & Feelings). We’re looking forward to working with these guys again and also bringing in a bunch other musicians & friends we really admire.”

With a full length album in the works for potential release next year, the journey for Walker/Talker is only just getting started but going off the sound of “Nothing Left” below, they’re coming out strong to start.

Listen below!

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