Exclusive Single Premiere: WHITE VANS “Dog” (2017)

It was a steamy summer evening when I first stumbled upon WHITE VANS, breaking guitars and tearing up the stage at The Old Bar, where their nearly maniacal music was a show-stealer. They oscillated between lo-fi, garage-rock moments, and face-melting walls of guitar-driven feedback; an unforgettable kind of sound, flagging themselves in the Melbourne music scene.

Chief song-writer/noise-maker Thommy Taranto is the genius behind WHITE VANS, brandishing a guitar (and mullet) in a way that’s bound to make Gareth Liddiard tremble. What started as Thommy’s solo project soon engulfed a few Melbourne musicians, including Anthony Rennick (bass), Nick Morton (drums) and James Clarke (who was soon deemed to be a ‘better singer and frontman’ for the group).

It’s with immense pleasure that we’re giving you the first sneak-peek of WHITE VANS upcoming EP Economic Trends, set for release April 24th, with their single ‘Dog’. Recorded in a warehouse in Port Melbourne’s industrial estates, this single is a garage-wrapped Cloud Nothings kind of vibe, the guitar hooks and scattered vocals planting themselves in your head for days to come.

WHITE VANS are launching Economic Trends at The Tote on Saturday, April 29th – if you don’t mind tinnitus for a few days to come, this is a must-see show.