Exclusive Single Premiere: Velvet Bow “Cynical Like You” (2017)

Velvet Bow come rumbling through with their new single, “Cynical Like You” – a successful introduction of horns to the band’s already impressive line up and an ambitious step forward for the Victorian quintet.

There’s a bit of a “Fell In Love With A Girl” vibe early on for all you White Stripes fans, while the track veers heavily into that bombastic pop territory well traversed by the likes of Ball Park Music. “Cynical Like You” is punchy, relentless and energetic – god only knows what this one is going to translate to live as the band continues to refine their now expanded sound, but we can’t wait.

Keep an eye out for Velvet Bow tour dates coming for winter but in the meantime, check out “Cynical Like You” below.