Exclusive Single Premiere: Pretty City “Simone” (2018)

Pretty City are another band soon bound for the US, ditching Melbourne for the surrounds of Portland to record before hitting up Texas for SXSW. They’re not ones to leave their Aussie fans hanging though, and we’re happy to be the ones to be delivering the first taste of the band’s forthcoming album – Cancel the Future– in “Simone”.

Less acid-drenched than their Colourize material proved to be (still a vibe, though), “Simone” is the glam sister that’s come through to rock in a pair of red-bottom heels. Not to be messed with. This one’s a lot of fun and is sure to be a winner on live stages near you soon enough.

For fans of Pretty City, there’s more of this good stuff on the way. For newcomers? This is a great entry point to one of Melbourne’s finest groups. Welcome.

Check it out below!