Exclusive Single Premiere: LDRU ft. Nicole Millar “Friday On My Mind (The Easybeats Tribute)” (2017)

Tomorrow, the REBEAT EP, the new record honouring iconic Australian group The Easybeats, will be released – a five track collection of covers from an array of artists including The BamboosKLP and Boom Tish.

Ahead of the EP’s official release, we’re sharing one of the cuts from the REBEAT EP, LDRU and Nicole Millar‘s take on one of The Easybeats’ best known songs, “Friday On My Mind”. Taking the 1965 original and stripping it right down to emphasise the almost-seductive drama Millar injects with her vocals, this version of “Friday On My Mind” yearns for the weekend instead of hurtling towards it.

LDRU’s production and beats aren’t left of centre for fans of his, though if you’re coming to this cover expecting something in some way close to the original – e.g. guitars, bounding pop vocals – you’re in for a shake up.

Check it out below!

The REBEAT EP is released on November 24th, via BMG/Albert Productions.