Exclusive Single Premiere: First Beige “Rumours” (2017)

Brisbane breeds great music. First Beige are no exception, the psych-soul outfit slowly making their transition from bedroom project to the real world. Today, we’ve got an exclusive taste of their lead single from upcoming debut EP Press!, “Rumours”. It’s a taste of some very colourful sounds to come.

Ignore the whole ‘Beige’ thing.

There’s jazz flute, disco-influence, tight drumming and lashings of psychedelia. Funky. Fresh. It’s disco, with some influence from modern pop-rock sort of vibes. Think a little Mild High Club vibe, or Anderson.Paak-esque grooves.

The group have just returned from a nine-month hiatus (including one member’s trek through India and Nepal), and are hatching some very exciting plans for the future. Keep your eyes peeled.

Follow the band online here.

Photo by Cain Robertson.