Exclusive Single Premiere: D’Opus & Roshambo “Paradise (ft. Breana Marin)” (2017)

Canberra duo Dopus & Roshambo have dropped their first single of 2017, “Paradise”, featuring the smooth vocals of Breana Marin, and we’re stoked to be able to give you the online premiere of the track.

The pair have taken Aussie hip-hop and reinvented it, viewing it through a mature and modern lens. The end result is an uplifting anthem, relevant to modern tastes, taking inspiration from feelings of escape while searching for a place of inner paradise. “To us, “paradise” is finding, sharing and putting that positivity back out into the world to combat negativity, insensitivity and misunderstanding,” says the duo.

This smooth single primes 2017 to be Dopus & Roshambo’s year; we’re anticipating something big on the horizon.

You can get a copy of the duo’s 2016 release, Mayday, from their website, http://www.dopusandroshambo.com/