Exclusive Single Premiere: Clove “I Saw Fire” (2017)

Melbourne has some kind of magic that breeds punk music, birthed across garages and sweaty stages. Hailing from the inner North, five-piece Clove are no exception, delivering punk that’s emotive, rhythm-driven and very 00’s tinged. Today we’re bringing you an exclusive taste of their second, and heaviest, single release, “I Saw Fire”.

Vocalist Mark Jamieson brings a reprieve from the distortion laden guitars, exploring the struggle of his generation. “We were born into this mess, we didn’t create it. Some of us might not buy a house, some of us might take prescription drugs forever in an attempt to live a ‘normal’ life, and someday the polar ice caps might melt and the oceans might swallow us.”

Have a listen below, and enjoy the catharsis from one of Melbourne’s finest alt-punk groups.