Exclusive Single & Music Video Premiere: Tasman Keith “Might Snap” (2017)

Tasman Keith is a name you’re likely to be hearing more of as this year rolls out. Fans of emerging hip hop talent Nooky will recognise Tasman’s talents behind the mic as a hype man but now, we’re seeing the NSW lad step further into the light on his own. His new single, “Might Snap”, is out officially tomorrow but we’ve been able to provide a special scoop today, in being able to share not only the audio stream, but the official music video too.

Razor sharp lyrics are coupled with sharp music and production, hooking the listener in and holding their attention with ferocity and vigour. The music video is a weighted and indeed memorable visual representation of the song itself. As Tasman explains,

“I’m dipping into the reality of what would happen if I did snap. When those feelings become overwhelming, where you’ve seen the stereotypes and felt society’s pressure, and how the effects of such things play out in other people. And you realise there’s the easy way out… It’s about that inner fight to not go down that path. That fight within yourself to not snap.”

You mightn’t be aware, but Tasman’s pedigree within Australian hip hop shines – as the son of hip hop pioneer Wire MC, Tasman has been surrounded by talent but has also inherited an ambition to represent strongly for the new generation of voices coming through not only hip hop, but community too.

Stay tuned for our artist feature with Tasman, coming soon!

Photo by Barbara McGrady.