Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Victory Lap “The Afterlife” (2017)

You may already know of Alex Badham; the Melbourne musician has been kicking around for a little while now, his work with Aleks and The Ramps and Magic Hands sparking early interest, while his foray into directing music videos for the likes of Paul Dempsey and World’s End Press have won him positive acclaim on the other side of industry spectrum. Focus has very much turned back to music for Badham, as he introduces us to his latest project, Victory Lap.

What we get here is some delectable and easy-to-immerse-self-in pop. Melodic and woozy, Victory Lap’s debut single, “The Afterlife”, is a presentation of years of artistic development by Badham. He’s recognised the beauty in the nuances and has further explored the intricacies of pop music in bringing this tune to fruition.

For the official music video, premiering today, we hit the streets as we follow the protagonist undergo what can only be describes as ‘cathartic exercise’. Check it out below and stay tuned for more from Victory Lap on the near horizon.

Follow Victory Lap on Facebook here and over at www.victorylapband.bandcamp.com.