Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Moonlover “Lazy Daisy” (2018)

Here’s something to soothe you this long weekend – the latest from Melbourne psych rocker, Moonlover. “Lazy Daisy”, from the debut Moonlover album Thou Shall Be Free, is a cut of gorgeous pop steeped in psych traditions that oozes romanticism and rich musical quality.

The music video matches up with the tone of the song, as we watch Moonlover (Quang Dinh) taking a walk through a sunlit park, just taking note of people enjoying what is a gorgeous day. As he explains, clarity played a large part in the making of “Lazy Daisy”.

“I was 30 days sober and feeling like a bit of the fog had lifted; it was a Sunday, the sun was bright and clear, and the people were feeling good.”

Check the music video out below!